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Grow From Seed or Buy Trees?

There is just something very satisfying about growing a plant from its seeds. Watching a plant grow from germination to maturity give many gardeners a sense of hard-earned accomplishment (and maybe even some bragging rights).

Pinus Mugo Bonsai

Slanting, Cascade and Semi-Cascade Styles

The Japanese, more than any other culture, have greatly influenced the modern day hobby of bonsai planting. There are generally five popular types of bonsai styles that are commonly used by bonsai gardeners across the globe. They are the formal upright styles, informal upright styles, slanting styles, cascade and semi-cascade styles.

Ironwood Bonsai

Pruning and Trimming

Most of the bonsai trees that you see did not grow into perfect miniatures on their own. More likely than not, the pleasing aesthetics that we witness in a bonsai is a result of years of carefully planned trimming and pruning regimens. Regardless of the type of tree that you have planted, a ‘bonsai seed’ …

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Bonsai Maintenance Tools

Bonsai Maintenance Tools

The tools used in maintaining bonsai trees are quite similar to general gardening tools. Nevertheless, as bonsais are trimmed and pruned more often than your average garden plant, it is best to get the tools that are specially designed for bonsai maintenance.

Trident Maple Bonsai Tree

Growing Indoors vs Outdoors

The physiologies of bonsai trees are that of any other trees. They are in essence outdoor organisms that have evolved to be accustomed to the raw elements of nature. As bonsai cultivators, we do our best to replicate the natural conditions that are best suited for a particular bonsai tree.

Honeysuckle Bonsai After Wiring

Wiring Your Bonsai

Bonsai trees are traditionally shaped to replicate the shapes of fully-grown trees in the wild. There are many techniques used by bonsai experts in shaping their trees. Pruning and trimmings are some of the common techniques used but if you are trying to influence your bonsai to grow in a particular manner or direction, wiring …

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